Going Against the Flow


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Principles play a major role in each person's life because it helps them become a better person. Becoming a better person is no easy thing. It is like flowing against the current amongst the pressures in these world where everyone has their own set of standards to follow. For most people, it is too easy for them to always go with the flow because they are too tired to establish their own stand on certain matters. In the society today, people are often more inclined to follow with what they just want to because they do not want any complications in life. They think that having a good moral standard is too complex and often invites trouble. Yet, they are wrong.


Having a good moral standards often lead us into living a satisfying life because we would be able to protect ourselves from harmful thoughts and help us keep a good relationship with everyone unless they are also not in favor with the principles we live by. 


Written by Luca Love in misc on Sun 13 August 2017.