Have Good Intentions


Everyday we make decisions and deciding whom to date can be tough but others do it easy especially deciding about whether to involve themselves with dating Asians. To some, this can be very interesting and they think that they might want to experiment on this part.


Our intentions are very important when we try to decide about dating someone. We have to make sure that we have sincere intentions and also have mutual intentions with the one we are dating. We have to be really careful because emotions, time and efforts are involved. We do not want to carry the guilt of being burdened that we have hurt someone because of our indecisiveness. We do not just want to date someone just to boost ourselves. We do not want to treat other's feelings like a toy that we might just throw away when we do not want it anymore.


We do not want to start like that especially if we are considerate about others and if we are concerned about our reputation. We should not only think about ourselves but we must put first the feelings of others ahead of us. We must show our concern about others and stop being selfish. 


Written by Luca Love in misc on Fri 11 August 2017.