Rent a car and visit top 5 destinations in Christchurch area!

Cheapest car rentals in Christchurch is giving you the opportunity to explore Christchurch area. Here are some of the destinations you should visit after you rent-a-car.


Kaikoura – This paradise is only 2.5 hour drive from Christchurch. It is also called nature-lovers paradise.

When you arrive in Kaikoura, you can rent a boat and meet huge whales, large number dolphins, fur seals and giant albatross.


Arthur's Pass – Is only 2 hour drive from Christchurch. If you decide to spend a day visiting Arthur’s pass you will be surrounded by mountains, you will be able to see rivers and waterfalls, and lush native bush. Only the problem is that one day is not enough.


Waipara Valley - 1 hour drive from Christchurch Waipara Valley is offering you to spend leisure day just exploring this wonderful wine producing area. You will be able to experience the unique feel when soil, microclimate, and landscape is merging together and become one.


South Canterbury - 2 hour drive from Christchurch South Canterbury offers the local hospitality with a view on Caroline Bay and the Southern Alps. You should check out the famous pottery in Temuka.


Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park - 3.5 hour drive from Christchurch. This is the place which you shouldn’t miss. You may drive passing by the Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki and experience spectacular alpine environment and look at New Zealand’s highest peak Aoraki Mt Cook. You shouldn’t miss The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, with an amazing 3D movie, a digital Planetarium and a museum.


If you go for cheapest car rentals in Christchurch you simpy must explore Christchurch area.

Written by Luca Love in misc on Tue 15 August 2017.