Treating Life as A Gift


There are a lot of building inspections in Christchurch happening now. It seems that it is the right thing to do because we have to make sure that everyone is safe especially during emergencies. It is very important that we are mindful about keeping not only ourselves but also others safe.


We have to treat life as something sacred because it is from the One who created all things. We must show that we appreciate what is given to us. How can we show our appreciation? There are many ways on how we can do so. One of the things is that we should make good use of the life that is given to us. We have to keep it clean and sacred as we behold it as a gift from Him to us.


When we receive a gift, are we not disposed to show gratitude to the one who gave it to us? It is only proper to use it in the best way possible. We might start doing the right things and making good choices in our life. True, it might not be easy at first, but as we strive to do what is right, our heart may just follow and live up to the right things in life. 


Written by Luca Love in misc on Wed 19 July 2017.